Smicer (56) A3 Print

Image of Smicer (56) A3 Print


There were brief flashes when Vladimir appeared to be a silky smooth, world class midfield artist.

Alas, 97% of the time he looked - and this is being very polite - supremely average.

So on 56 minutes, when he gathered the ball and made furtive progress infield towards the Milan goal there weren't many fans screaming "hit it!".

But hit it he did. Oh how he hit it!

This is the first poster in a series celebrating the legends of Istanbul.

It is a very limited initial run of just 25 A3 sized prints on lovely thick 300gms, white flecked, recycled card. I'll even number them and stuff.

There's a charge of £3 for postage in the UK, £6 for elsewhere.